Global Sovereign Advisory (‘GSA’) is an independent firm dedicated to advising States and State-owned entities around the world on strategic matters.

GSA promotes a holistic approach to the public sector, addressing economic, financial as well as policy issues.

We Are


We are committed to impartial advice

We work on the side of Sovereign and State-owned entities, and are free of any conflict of interests

We only take on assignments/defend causes we believe in

We are fully dedicated and work with passion for our clients and the projects we have decided to support

We put our clients first, at the center of all our actions

We propose tailor-made solutions and assemble best-in-class teams

We believe in connecting expertise across fields

We work with a network of renowned experts and partners worldwide

We value an action-driven and problem-solving approach

We deliver rapid and impactful results

Meritocracy is our DNA and we promote excellence

We deliver with the highest standards


Anne-Laure S. Kiechel

Anne-Laure Kiechel

Anne-Laure’s experience spans more than 20 years in debt/capital markets and Sovereign Advisory, at both government and SOE levels.

In 2009, she joined Rothschild in Paris, working in the Financial Advisory group. She became Partner in 2014. From 2015 onwards, she focused on Sovereign Advisory matters, a practice she contributed structuring and developing before being appointed Global Head.

Anne-Laure started her career at Lehman Brothers in 1999, working in several departments in New York, London, and Paris. She, amongst other activities, headed Lehman Brothers’ Global Finance practice for Northern Europe.

In 2015, Anne-Laure co-founded Youthonomics, an index which ranks countries according to youth-friendliness.

In 2019, she founded Global Sovereign Advisory (“GSA”), an independent structure providing holistic advice to States and SOEs on public policy and financial matters.

Anne-Laure graduated from HEC and Sankt Gallen; and holds a Masters’ degree in Mathematics.


GSA’s team and network are composed of a group of international highly skilled and experienced professionals, including seasoned specialists in the public sector space, country experts, former high-level civil servants, former IFIs senior officials, as well as recognized academics and lawyers. We altogether combine more than 10 nationalities, nearly 100 years of expertise and exposure to more than 50 countries around the world.

Core team

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Chair in Sovereign Debt

at Sciences Po Paris

GSA co-created and is the sole sponsor of the Chair in Sovereign Debt at Sciences Po, Paris.

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We do


Global Sovereign Advisory offers a unique proposition in the Sovereign Advisory space based on 6 pillars:

1. Strategic advisor

Free of any conflict of interest, we act only on structural issues for our clients.

2. Pure player in the Sovereign Advisory space

We only advise in situations where States and State-owned entities are involved

3. Holistic approach

Global approach to public sector problematics addressing economic, financial as well as policy issues as a whole

4. Unique responsiveness and agility

Very quick decision process/ turn around

5. Cross-disciplinary expertise

We team up with renowned experts, other organizations, and local counterparts to mobilize a best-in- class dedicated team for each situation

6. Direct access to resource providers

A broad network of donors and investors


We have a unique comprehensive skillset thanks to in-house strategic, financial as well as communication skills combined with an original, result driven mindset promoting connectivity between fields, sectors and people worldwide.

We believe technical knowledge needs to go along with in-depth regional expertise to bear fruits. This is why we have developed a strong intelligence of the institutions, culture and political characteristics of the regions and countries where we operate in (Africa, Europe, Latam, Middle East).

Our competences result from a proven track record in terms of number of countries advised and situations covered, including landmark/ reference ones. That extensive experience has allowed us to build a broad and deep network as well as extremely strong relationships with actors involved in the Sovereign space

Macro-fiscal policy

  • Advice on fiscal framework and monetary guidance
  • IMF supported macro financial assistance programs
  • Policy recommendations on spending targets and fiscal receipt mobilization

Economic strategy

  • Assessment of a country’s business environment, best practices and governance
  • Definition and/or development of priority sectors, promotion of priority projects
  • Economic diplomacy
  • FDI attraction and competitiveness
  • Nation branding
  • Micro-finance initiatives
  • Reforms: design, implementation guidelines, post-implementation evaluations

Public sector perimeter

  • Assessment of public sector perimeter
  • Assessment of the links between central and local governments
  • Review of main State-owned assets - including financial structure and sustainability
  • Evaluation of contingent liabilities

Financing strategy

  • Assessment of gross financing needs and debt composition, as well as identification of possible sources of funding
  • Formulation of most suited debt strategy
  • Implementation of debt strategy: relations with International financial institutions, credit rating and investor relations, issuances (public, private, structured, etc.), debt reprofiling, local markets development, derivatives
  • Debt restructuring, including arrears clearance

To Join


At GSA, we look for team members combining an entrepreneurial, agile and solution-oriented mindset with the commitment and dedication required to meet the standards of excellence our clients expect from us.

We value team work and collaboration as well as a positive mindset.

We look for proactive people, who are able to think and deliver beyond the precisely defined scope of their responsibilities, and with an international profile.

As we propose tailor made and innovative solutions to our clients, we value pragmatism and creativity.



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